In Solidarity

January 24, 2022

June 5, 2020

Black joy is resistance.
Black art is resistance.
Black art matters.
Black Trans lives matter.
Black Lives Matter.

We at Art Matters stand in solidarity with our grantees, with protesters on the streets and all people mobilizing in their communities to defend Black life. We support the calls to defund the police and commit to working towards a world where artists, healers, healthcare and cultural workers are funded and supported in the place of systems that reinforce violence.

We are also asking questions to ourselves and other funders: What are the ways that philanthropy itself structurally upholds the very oppressive forces of white supremacy and capitalism our grantees and protesters are working to undo? How do we hold ourselves and our fellow foundations more accountable through our transparency around money, endowments, investments as a beginning of structural change?

We are in this work with you.


Art Matters Staff and Board of Directors


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