Abdul-Aliy A. Muhammad



Abdul-Aliy A. Muhammad is a Philadelphia born/raised organizer, writer and cofounder of the Black and Brown Workers Co-op. In their work they often problematize medical surveillance, discuss the importance of bodily autonomy and center Blackness. Their writing has been featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Body, Gran Varones and other publications. They use photography through collaborative portraiture to engage with shadow work, the erotic and radical transparency.

Featured Image: Abdul-Aliy A. Muhammad, 2021. Photographer: Shoog. Courtesy of the organizer.

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Image from Philadelphia Inquirer, 2022.

Abdul-Aliy A. Muhammad, 2018. Photographer: Ero Rose. Courtesy of the organizer.

The Untoward Files, 2022. The Untoward Files is a collection of poetic writings from Abdul-Aliy A. Muhammad. It is the second self-published writing project from the author after A Flower Left To Wilt in 2018. This project traverses themes of intimacy, sexual violence, Blackness, and remembrance.
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