Randy Ford aka Aísha Noir


Artist2Artist Fellowship


Imagine. 19 years of your existence with people telling you, you ain’t you. That you’re thinking about it too much. It's a phase. That will just fade away. It’s only something God can fix. You’re a monster. An abomination. Evil. Unnatural. A mistake.

You see through MY art. I’m as natural as the ground I walk on. There are no hang-ups in my world. I can be ALL of myself. I make people question their own identities... because by witnessing me, you witness yourself. I’ve come to accept that I’m a walking political statement. Radical.

Black. Femme. This world didn’t have me in mind but I am reclaiming my power. I have found my purpose. Randy Ford aka Aísha Noir is the Emerald City Queen. Here to remind her community of the power and magic they possess.

QUEEN STREET is about evolution. How we are constantly in the process of dying and being reborn again. Forever in a state of transition. QUEEN STREET (2019), a dance performance that gave audiences a peek inside a nonbinary woman's transition, is now being crafted into a music video project, the QUEEN STREET EP. Aísha Noir brings forth her voice, remasters the original tracks from the live performance (prod. Nic Masangkay), and invites Black, Femme, Queer, Trans and nonbinary producers and directors to add their spin and flavor (Talaya Music, Stas Thee Boss, Thom White, Meysha, CarLarans).

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