Allison Warden


Support for ongoing work.


Iwas raised with a strong Iñupiaq worldview, enveloped by Elders who grew up ina sod houses, living completely from the land for sustenance. I create art tobring people into that perspective, to activate within the audience aconnection to their ancestral memory, transporting them to their own personallong ago, to their connection with the mythos."Unipkaaġusiksuġuvik(the place of the future/ancient)” is a solo installation performative workthat will debut at the top floor of the Anchorage Museum in October andNovember of 2016. In it, I will be creating a Iñupiaq ceremonial house, onethat exists in the space between the hyper-future and the super-ancient, aliminal space where myths are born. I am studying and recreating artifacts thatare in the Museum, using modern materials.Iwould love to visit with you more about my work.

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