Allison Warden


Support for ongoing work.


I was raised with a strong Iñupiaq worldview, enveloped by Elders who grew up in a sod houses, living completely from the land for sustenance. I create art to bring people into that perspective, to activate within the audience a connection to their ancestral memory, transporting them to their own personal long ago, to their connection with the mythos. "Unipkaaġusiksuġuvik (the place of the future/ancient)” is a solo installation performative work that will debut at the top floor of the Anchorage Museum in October and November of 2016. In it, I will be creating a Iñupiaq ceremonial house, one that exists in the space between the hyper-future and the super-ancient, a liminal space where myths are born. I am studying and recreating artifacts that are in the Museum, using modern materials. I would love to visit with you more about my work.

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