Barak adé Soleil




i’ve been part of the contemporary art scene since 1990. My creative practice draws on traditions of the African diaspora, queerness, postmodernism and disability aesthetics. I embrace complexity, nuances of intersectionality; the ways our identities overlap and invoke radicality. Conceptually, the artistry continues to evolve. The performance is performative, making visible how pedestrian actions - crossing the street, lying in bed, shifting in a chair, ascending stairs - can become extraordinary. The moving body is still central to the making of the work, but less concerned with trying to be anything other than itself; navigating aging, resting, ferocity and softness. Individually and in relation to others. Queerly being me, being Black, being Crip, being...

Feature image: [Barak angle one], Barak adé Soleil Image Description: Image of a large black male in dark clothing lying face down on top of a piece of light brown butcher paper, that is on the floor. Only the upper half of the body is visible. the black male is using one arm to write on the paper with a red marker. The visible arm is bent at a slight right angle with the hand in a fisted position while writing. The marker's cap lies on the floor off of the paper. Photo by Melissa Cardona.

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