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Naknuwiłama Ti̓iča̓mna-Caretakers of the Land, is a grassroots, Indigenous-Led organization focused on the adaptive revitalization and preservation of vital arts, crafts, skills, foodways, and lifeways of the Mid-Columbia River Basin that are dormant or otherwise threatened by the continual colonization of these lands and waters.  This program is directed by Brosnan Spencer/Wiweeletitpe(From the place of many streams), a member of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, and Robert Fossek II/Tiiča̓m K̓iluła(Earth Watcher), a lineal descendant of the Walla Walla People. Along with their daughter, Meadow/Taymaatayxpam(From the place where love medicine grows), and in collaboration with various Tribal Programs and Indigenous organizations, they work year round, carrying out various seasonal round camps, workshops, and events focused on retaining and sharing culturally relevant skills and natural ways of living. Some of their major projects include seasonal food, medicine, and materials gathering and processing encampments, buckskin making, cedar root and other forms of weaving, native hemp cordage and rope, therapeutic horsemanship, camas root gathering and earth oven baking, canoeing, habitat restoration, and many other crafts and activities. This organization is forming and growing through each season and year and their journey can be followed along through Facebook and Instagram.

Featured Image: Brosnan Spencer, Holding Cedar Root Basket, 2020. Digital Photograph.

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Caretakers of the Land, Smoked buckskin Camp, 2023. Digital Photograph.
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