Colectivo Moriviví




In Moriviví, we are a collective of young female artists, working on public art since April 2013. Based in Puerto Rico, we’ve gained recognition for the creation of murals, where we’ve developed the subject of the human condition directed to sensibilize spectators. We are transitioning from an artistic collective to a social enterprise, open to collaborators in different areas. Colectivo Moriviví is a model of artistic production focused on bringing the voice of its context into the public forum. Muralism is understandable and powerful for the general spectator. Portraying ideas in collectiveness and collaboration with others is a challenge and that is what validates painting as a process. By promoting teamwork as a way to produce things of value in society we are set upon elevating it in order to achieve social justice. It is a model that we intend to replicate on different scales, with each community we touch, in order to create an effect in society’s general model.

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