Dario Robleto


Support for a body of work centered around the history of the heartbeat.


From the first time one human placed her or his ear to another’s chest the mysteries of the movements and sounds of the heartbeat and pulse have remained elusive. The history of the ingenious attempts to first record and visually register these actions of the heart initiated a sequence of events that are part of a widely unknown history of the human heartbeat. Through a series of sculptures, installations, writings, rare audio restoration and a book, the project entitled The Pulse Armed With a Pen (An Unknown History of the Human Heartbeat) will reconstruct this forgotten history by identifying key moments in its narrative. Each narrative is chosen for its profound implications that challenged fundamental associations we tie to the human heart: life, confirmation of death, personal identity, continuity of memory, the physical site of emotion, authenticity, creativity, and spirituality, to name a few.

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