Demian DinéYazhi'


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I am a Portland-based transdisciplinary warrior born to theclans Tódích'íí'nii (Bitter Water) and Naasht'ézhí Tábąąhá (Zuni Clan Water'sEdge) of the Diné (Navajo). Whether I am broaching topics adjacent toDecolonization, Survivance, and Queerness in written and visual language, I amcaught in a narrative that is informed by romanticized notions of belonging andthe alienation experienced through centuries of forced assimilation to WhiteSupremacist Capitalist Patriarchy.My work as an artist can be understood through the lens ofcuratorial inquiry, zine production, street interventions, education,workshops, and transdisciplinary methods of art production. My work is rootedin radical indigenous queer feminist politics, landscape representation, memoryformation, Indigenous Survivance, HIV/AIDS-related art and activism, gender,identity, and sexuality.

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