El Franco Lee II




I am a figurative painter from Houston, Texas that primarily deals with local Southern subject matter from a historical and political standpoint; juxtaposed with a modern point of view. By keeping a mental and physical log of my opinions on what drives urban ambition from a Southern American aspect; I've gained interest in depicting real-life events with startling content, unorthodox depth, and acute attention to detail. My Paintings bring an illustrator's technique of realism and surrealism to the fine arts arena with the intention of peeling away the outer layers of still life and graphics, which reveals the disguise of what once, would have been considered ordinary. A major focal point of mine is to set my work apart from "Pop Art" and "Folk-Art" by creatively regurgitating personally referenced encounters, consequentially addressing the needs of fine art audiences, who demand cultural, confrontational and innovative renderings of the unexpected.

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