Eric-Paul Riege




My process is inspired by being present through my mind, body, and beliefs. I follow the worldview fostered by Hózhó, the Diné (Navajo) philosophy and lifestyle that encompasses beauty, balance, and goodness in all things physical and spiritual and its bearing on everyday experience. This happens through remembering my history and my people and my family and my friends--creating altars of how they have gifted me my identity and perspective and craft. It happens through an awareness and intention and patience in my process; in channeling all my energy towards making. It happens through rituals and prayer and dances for harmony. Having conversations with my work, it is our desire for our existence to align and pay homage with the spaces we inhabit and the people that surround us. To welcome my family, friends, strangers, angels, Holy People, ancestors, animals, into our lives and to embrace them with the warmth of our hug.

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