Fletcher Williams


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I am amulti-media artist whose work examines identity, history, and popular culture.As a native of Charleston South Carolina, I’ve gained the knowledge of localtradition and craft that are often used to comment on Charleston's socialdivisions.For mylatest project, <i>Souvenir </i>(March2015), I illustrated a series of shootings that occurred throughout Charlestonbetween September of 2013 and February of 2014. These works were anorchestrated collage of ancestral symbolism, pop-culture iconography and localcraft. The Charleston Palmetto Rose was the primary material and what I labelas, "a tool for engagement", drawing my audience closer to eventsoften dismissed as commonplace.My work alters betweencelebration and revulsion. I hyperbolize self-expression, as seen in hisPrecious Metal series, while igniting a discussion in cultural complexity.

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