Free Black Dirt




Free Black Dirt (FBD) is an artistic partnership engaged in narrative activism and performance, hosting innovative events and nurturing artists communities in the Twin Cities. Formed by writers, Junauda Petrus and Erin Sharkey, Free Black Dirt creates original work while engaging the emerging local artists’ community. FBD creates theatre, literary salons, podcasts, community parades, film and installations that use community collaboration and radical art practices. Our projects are made for queer and Indigenous and POC communities to know how sacred and limitless we are. Whether the content is the prison industrial complex, reparations, or celebrating our trans & queer/IPOC ancestors, we share these stories with complexity and sweetness. Our work is responsive to our need to heal and celebrate. We make art towards a future in which we thrive. We are deepening and expanding our work as narrative activists, using film to inspire, make and sustain social justice.

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