Guadalupe Maravilla




Guadalupe Maravilla (Formally known as Irvin Morazan) – In my multidisciplinary work, I create and choreograph fictionalized rituals that incorporate my Mestizo/Mayan ancestry and my autobiography. My work traces the history of my displacement and cultural exchange and explores the parallels between ancient cultures and current events and how they get transformed into another version of themselves through the process of hybridization. In the last year, I’ve created a series of videos and performances around traditional Latin American love songs that were originally written for missing or losing romantic partners and reinterpreted them into songs for missing loved ones on the other side of the US/Mexico border or for the loss of someone during that journey. My work is often a hybrid of border politics and shamanic practices that use sound as a healing tool to create new visual memories for the entangled genealogy of the border crossing stories.

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