Holland Andrews




Emotionality is the core of my composition and performance style; emotionality that triggers a cathartic experience-- this is where I dwell as an artist. Healing is one of my focuses for composition simply because like many of us processing various forms of personal upheaval, I intimately understand the contrast of feeling at love for who we are at our core. We hold memories of this contrast in our bodies while simultaneously navigating how to find prosperity in the unbalanced civilization. Holding these complex states of being is not a choice, yet it is how we operate through them where we have a choice. I choose music. By using my own emotional reality as a map, it leads me to the simple desire for offering a reprieve. An opportunity to stare our wounds in the eye and give them permission to bleed while saying, "I love you." I have no interest in making music that is easy. We cannot truly face our demons while laying in a bed of poppies, and we cannot heal without evidence of hope.

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