Nicole Hall (IdentityInc!)


Artist2Artist Fellowship


Since moving to Farmington, NM, Nicole has devoted her time to providing resources dedicated to 2SLGBTQIA+ and underprivileged persons. As President of IdentityInc!, a local non-profit organization, she collaborates with other board members, local artists, local businesses, and other allies to create spaces and organize events where people of all cultural backgrounds can come find community.  Through social engagement IdentityInc! provides public education on queer issues and encourages its members to do the same. Nicole aims to reopen IdentityInc!’s Community Center so that, in addition to its virtual efforts, IdentityInc! can continue to provide support to residents through mentorship and advocacy in a region of New Mexico that needs it the most.

Apart from her work with IdentityInc!, Nicole is a full-time criminal defense attorney. Her work with the indigent population has given her an insight into the serious lack of resources for the underprivileged residents of Farmington and its surrounding indigenous communities, which has motivated her to create her own non-profit organization. Currently, Nicole is renovating a school bus that she will use as way to supply these disadvantaged communities with much needed resources. By issuing free books, school supplies, musical instruments, art supplies, sporting equipment, and the like, Nicole’s organization will be a catalyst for generational wealth—educationally, mentally, physically, socially, and financially. Nicole’s practice will attack systemic inequity and oppression from a foundational perspective, affording opportunities for the impoverished to grow into the paragons they were born to be.

Featured Image: Portrait, courtesy of Nicole Hall.

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Nicole Hall, Habeas CorBus Remodel. Digital photograph. Courtesy of the artist.

IndentityInc!’s Pride in the park. Digital Photograph. Courtesy of IndentityInc!
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