Jonathan González




I am an artist working at the intersections of performance, text, sculpture, and other time-based media in order to problematize economies of creative production through questions of collaboration, political utilities of the stage, and conditions that determine the afterlives of slavery as it pertains to circumstances of contemporaneity. Through research-based creative processes, I am currently exploring the dialogues of architectures, ecologies, and notions of the human as related to occurrences of climate change, self-governance, and fugitive ontologies.

Lucifer Landing II

Lucifer Landing II2019, Jonathan González, Performance, Collaborators: GENG, Johann Diedrick, Rena Anakwe, Pam Liou, Rudy Gerson, Nadia Tykulsker, Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste, FacetheMusic. Photo by Stephanie Acosta.

How To Play…,

How To Play…,2017, Jonathan González, Performance Installation, Collaborators: Chazz Bruce, Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste, Ali Rosa-Salas, Devin Morris. Photo by Maria Baranova.

Lucifer Landing I,

Lucifer Landing I,2019, Jonathan González, Sculpture + Performance Installation. Collaborators: Rena Anakwe, Pam Liou, Rudy Gerson, Nadia Tykulsker. Photo by Maria Baranova.

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