Joss Barton


Artist2Artist Fellowship


Joss Barton is a writer, journalist, and spoken word performance artist exploring and documenting queer and trans* life, love, and liberation. Her work blends femme-fever dreams over the soundtrack of the American nightmare. Combining prose poetry, non-fiction confessional essays, drag artistry, and spoken word stage performances, Joss examines the myriad states of queer trans womanhoods from historical, political, and pop cultural identities of death, desires, dreams, and disco.

Featured Image: Joss Barton, The Summer I Got Bit, 2021. Live Performance. Courtesy of the artist.

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Joss Barton, The Summer I Got Bit Zine, 2021. Digital photo. Courtesy of the artist.

Joss Barton, We Are More Precious Than Any Metal & More Holy Than Any Psalm, 2020. Public Text Installation. Collaboration with PSA-STL. Courtesy of the artist.

Joss Barton, Devouring Empires: Sacrit Tongues Poetry Tour, 2022. Digital photograph. Courtesy of the artist.

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