Keith Calhoun and Chandra McCormick




We are New Orleans, Louisiana, based artists. Our work is Humanity, Community, and Environmentally Centered. Our mission is to express the human experience and to creatively tell the stories through images of the people and places we experience with dignity, beauty, and strength through photo essays accompanied by a written narrative. These images are from our archive of work which at one time we called "Damaged." This was the work which was inundated by the Hurricane Katrina flood waters. We chose to save and restore the work. We began the restoration and printing of the transparencies and negatives. Images we thought were damaged we found were extraordinarily beautiful. The original images were full of joyful people, rhythms, movement, sound and celebrations, which is still ever present. You can hear the music and see these images bursting with as much energy, spirit and vibrations as the vibrant colors and symbols they hold.

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