Kevin Quiles Bonilla


Artist2Artist Fellowship


Using photographic, installation and performance-based strategies as resources for re-signification, my current work explores contemporary representations of colonialism, and the constant swaying, or vaivén through unsolid grounds. I do so through the intersection of structures such as space, language, history and politics, with a body like mine transiting between Puerto Rico (the colony) and the United States (the "mainland"). Ultimately, my work seeks to unearth the construction of a historic heritage, using my body as the repository, colonized by multiple structures of power. Through an interdisciplinary practice, I question the amalgamation of outcomes that arise through my lived experience as a Puerto Rican, as a diasporic migrant, as a queer person, and as a person with a disability. These intersections place me at a threshold, which mirrors the Puerto Rico's relationship with the United States. As a result the work leaps between the collective and the personal—the macro and the micro, as one inherently informs the other.

Featured Image: Carryover (Blue Tarp in Vega Alta), 2019, Chromogenic print, 20x30in, Courtesy of the artist.

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Kevin Quiles Bonilla, While you dried in the sand (palm trees, ocean breeze), 2022, Custom print on beach towel, 38.5 x 77 in, Courtesy of the artist.

Kevin Quiles Bonilla, A tropic squall blew in, while you dried in the sand, 2022, Custom print on three (3) beach towels, custom prints on two (2) beach sling chairs, beach paraphernalia, portable radio, hurricane warning flags, vinyl, sand, sound, Dimensions variable, Courtesy of the artist.

Kevin Quiles Bonilla, For centuries, and still...(anticipated completion), 2022 [collaboration with Zaq Landsberg], Plywood, foam, plaster resin, paint, plexiglass, 13 x 30 x 20 ft, Courtesy of the artists.
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