Lauren Woods


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Iam obsessed with history, the archive and how the larger concept of historyrelates to issues of power and social control. My fascination began at a veryyoung age with the original PBS broadcast of the Eyes on the Prize series. Inthe comfort of my mother’s lap, I learned about the Civil Rights Movement. Adefining moment in my identity construction, finally, I had a context for thescar that still remains, even to this day, on my mother’s right hand—a smoothaberration that I found comforting when I used to hold her hand.Despiteall of my questions years prior, I could really began to understand the originsof the scar—the result of an elderly white man assaulting my mother as a childwhen she dared to board a bus before him—through this visual tapestry at theintersection of history and cinema—public television—public memory—public art.Somehow, I managed, despite the spectacle of violence, to take away somethingpowerful…Ibegin here.

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