M. Carmen Lane (ATNSC)


Artist2Artist Fellowship


As an artist, applied behavioral scientist, and interdisciplinary cultural worker, the use of storytelling as intervention for meaning-making and change is at the heart of my work.

Behavior is, according to social scientist Kurt Lewin, a function of the person in the environment. In my practice, this is the point of departure for all inquiries. My work endeavors to deepen understandings of what is, to deepen participant/viewers’ understandings of their current realities and possibilities to create pathways for change, to shift how one engages with the environment — broadly perceived. This involves engaging natural cycles of birth, life and death; examining intergenerational trauma, Blackness and Indigeneity to heighten awareness at the individual, interpersonal, group, community, and systems levels (our worlds).

I work with reasserting Indigenous and Afro Atlantic spiritual teachings in my artwork, reclaiming relationships to place, reframing applied behavioral science methods to experiment, to decolonize, to create betterment.

Featured Image: M. Carmen Lane, Akhsó (Grandma): This Is A New Experience, 2019. Mixed media construction. Courtesy of the artist.

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M. Carmen Lane, Ken’nahsa:ke/Khson:ne: On My Tongue, On My Back (Family Tree), 2018, Mixed media construction with body bag. Courtesy of the artist.

M. Carmen Lane, This House Is A Microcosm, 2020. Digital print on japanese kozo. Courtesy of the Artist.

M. Carmen Lane, Estherline Robinson (Granny Lane), 2022. Oil on canvas, fabric, driftwood, sewing patterns. Courtesy of the artist.

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