Malcolm Peacock


Artist2Artist Fellowship


My work is dedicated to documenting and expanding upon emotional and psychic spaces inhabited by black subjects including myself and others. I look closely at a myriad of ways that intimacy arises between a group or within a singular body experiencing closeness with its own self. I use art to propose interruptions in space and time. Interruptions that elicit practices of slowness, close listening, looking, feeling, touching, waiting, searching, lurking, holding, being. In the process of making drawings, braided works, and performative work, I submit to exhaustive durational practices in order to insert myself both bodily and emotionally into a relationship with the subjects that I am depicting or describing. These practices are ways for me to bear witness to and honor the significance of various lived experiences. Whether one is allowing themselves to rest in the heat of a garden while listening to a reading, holding a small detailed drawing of an orgy in the palm of their hand, or listening to a night terror through the skin of a sculpture, the potential for heightened physicality is invoked and passed from one person to another. For me, these moments of close proximity can bring forth ideas about perception and the potential of relationships. Although it is impossible to ever feel the interiority of another person, making is a means by which I express my desire to feel closer to those who occupy a similar physical container as I.

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