Marco Rios


Support for <i>Erection Room</i>, a site-specific installation that responds to the physical presence of people who encounter it.


My interest in psychological and emotional states serves as a starting point for my work. Literary, filmic, and art historical references influence my projects, which tend to be hyperbolic in nature. The work often shifts from sculpture, video, and performance to more orchestrated and site-based works. In all of my work, I employ humor and slapstick tactics to address the more solemn issues of failure, death, desire, and despair.

Melancholy (and a Baguette)

Melancholy (and a Baguette)2013, Marco Rios, Installation view. Courtesy of the artist.

Affectionate Cranial Scoop

Affectionate Cranial Scoop2010, Marco Rios, Detail and documentation. Courtesy of the artist.


FANGORIA2006, Marco Rios, Site-specific installation. Courtesy of the artist.

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