Marie Watt


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Over the course of scavenging for wool blankets, I have comeacross twin blanket sets for twin beds. This is an unlikely prompt for “twin”references in our culture, but it is mine. In the Seneca creation story,Skywoman’s daughter dies giving birth to twins, sometimes referred to Right andLeft, Sapling and Flint, Daylight and Night Dweller. While these brothers haveconflicting natures, they are both considered necessary to keep the world inbalance. In a chaotic world, making sense of light and darkness has urgency.Research, manifested in sewing circles with featured guests (Indigenousstorytellers, a classical studies scholar, an astrologist, and twins), willgenerate new work (samplers, large hand stitched pieces, and a sculpturalinstallation) that reflects on how Indigenous “twin” stories nurture, instruct,disrupt, and affect understandings of the universe, as well as how they suggestconnections across cultures.

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