Naotaka Hiro & Sid M. Dueñas


Support for ongoing work.


We intend to expand upon our previous project (To and From, 2009) on the island of Saipan. This new project will include sculptures and paintings, as a well as a feature-length video. Local actors and culture, island specific phenomena, geography, colonialism, and war history are elements that will influence form. Locations for video shoots will be an abandoned shopping mall and garment factory, hotels, natural outdoor settings, local community events, and domestic interiors. We will begin the project by using a method of collaboration that we have employed in the past, whereby each artist will first develop discrete, independent works. The initial generation of “separate” works will, as Kant proposed, act as “conditions of possibility” for additional works by the artists. Through this recursive process, authorship and adjacent practices will meld. This melding of activities will result in a video recorded collaboration that will be screened on Saipan.

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