Patrisse Cullors




Folks describe my work as a magnifying glass, an amplified moment in the raw and vulnerable stories of the invisible. Using theatre techniques, visuals, audio, and dance, my works render narratives of state-induced trauma while lifting up a path towards healing. I ask the audience to identify themselves in relationship to various forms of violence, be it coded in silence behind jail walls or in the coming out stories of people of color. Wielding discomfort as my medium, art becomes an invitation to shed complicity and engage broader questions of systemic violence and spiritual rejuvenation. I have worked as an artist resident, dancer, performance artist, choreographer, designer, producer, and director since 2005. Since graduating from the USC MFA Roski School of Art and Design, I have been featured in multiple shows, such as “Respite, Reprieve, and Healing: An Evening of Cleansing”, “Fuck White Supremacy, Let’s Get Free” at LTD LA, and the installation “Knot” performed at LACE.

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