Patty Berne




My creative practices are based in relationships, the smallest unit of life, as my comrades at Movement Generation like to say. All creation is collaborative by nature; we are in conversation with trees or ancestors or other artists, or with our own pain or joy. Of course I try to reflect Disability Justice practices which is really hard given capitalist demands of productivity and timelines, while living in relation to the medical-industrial-complex, within ableism, within white supremacy, when the normalized violence and control of cis-heteropatriarchy is reflected at the highest levels of government – it takes its toll on us whether or not we’re conscious of it. I think a key to my work is connecting the tangible of today with the visions of a liberated tomorrow. I hope my work creates liberated zones, opening spaces where we can value and love ourselves and all beings. I don't mean to sound cheezy, but I think that love has a central place in the world.

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