Rena Anakwe


Artist2Artist Fellowship


In order to circumvent the current healthcare industrial complex, I offer marginalized communities opportunities for self-care in a world that too often pushes them aside, especially regarding mental health. Primarily, I work with sound, visuals, and scent, staging interventions in the form of “performance art rituals”, “sound and scent baths” and "audio visual collages" for: relaxation, reconnecting to nature and checking-in with oneself. My work focuses on creating alternatives to the existing system of clinical mental health care, by creating diasporic healing practices and tools, staged in places in which we gather for arts/entertainment and in the privacy of our own personal spaces.

Featured Image: Rena Anakwe, Fast Forward to Silence, 2019. Documentation of live performance. Photo Credits: Jahmiila Wall. Collaborator(s): Jonathan González - Performer, Kelley Shih - Lighting Designer. Courtesy of ISSUE Project Room.

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Rena Anakwe, Sonic Escape Routes: Shall We Fly? or Shall We Resist?, 2020. Live Performance and Video. Collaborator(s): Akeema-Zane. Video Credit: Weeksville Heritage Center, Joyce LeeAnn Joseph of Archival Alchemy®, Nathan Bajar, Noah Weisfogel, Anjelica Jardiel (photography). Courtesy of the artist.

Rena Anakwe, Ogwu (the Healing), 2019. Live Performance. Collaborator(s): Kelley Shih-Lighting Designer. Video: ISSUE Project Room. Courtesy of the artist.

Rena Anakwe, The Cosmology of Water [iter.02]: Care Clinic, 2021. Live Performance, Installation & Plant Medicine. Collaborator(s): Kelley Shih-Lighting & Scenic Designer. Video: Abrons Arts Center. Courtesy of the artist.

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