River Whittle


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River Whittle is a multidisciplinary two-spirit artist based in photography, shellwork, metals, clay, and printmaking. She currently lives in Anadarko, Oklahoma, and is a member of the Caddo Nation of Oklahoma and a descendant of the Delaware Nation of Oklahoma. River holds a Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity with a concentration in Identity, Diversity, and Aesthetics. River is also a youth mentor as well as a community organizer for Lenni Lenapexkweyok, where she works on increasing pathways home for Lenape people in their homelands.

Featured Image: The Land Needs Its People, 2021. Digital photograph, clay, digital collage, printed on billboard. Image courtesy of: Roberto E. Rosales.

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River Whittle, Rachel, 2018. Digital photograph. Model: Rachel Lam, Cherokee, Malasian, and white. Courtesy of the artist.

River Whittle, Wampum Necklace #1, 2022. Wampum, Sterling Silver. Model: Virginia Herrera Zamora. Courtesy of the artist.

River Whittle, Roshii, 2019. Digital photograph. Model: Roshii Montano, Diné. Courtesy of the artist.

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