Sara Jordenö


Support for <i>GESTURE</i>, a film project about the Kiki scene in NYC, with collaborator Twiggy Pucci Garçon and others.


I am a NYC-based Swedish fine artist and documentary filmmaker whose stories concern communities, subcultures, and the spaces they carve out for themselves in the world. Using film, photography, drawing, and experimental poetry, I aim to work through historical and contemporary narrations around issues of authorship, labor, real and imaginary queer spaces, and the habitual acts of everyday life. Running as a red thread through all my projects is an investigation of the relationships between the observer and the observed. While a resident at the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Workspace program in 2010-2011 I started to collaborate on a series of projects about urban life in New York City, which has since resulted in a project on informal economies with criminologist Amber Horning and a public art/documentary film project on the subcultures surrounding the NYC Kiki Scene with Twiggy Pucci Garçon, a NYC-based house/ballroom runway performer and a community health specialist and organizer at FACES NY, Inc.

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