Sean Donovan


Support for ongoing work.


My work is preoccupied with the way political questions emerge out of playful investigations of the everyday. In <i>Se </i><i>Vende</i> I explored gentrification by dramatizing a meeting between a local real estate broker and two American expats in a building that was for sale in a rapidly developing neighborhood in Panama. <i>The </i><i>Climate Chronicles</i> looked at the culture and behavior of the scientific and diplomatic communities that have formed around climate change. <i>18 ½ Minutes</i> investigated the gap in the Nixon Oval Office tapes and broader questions of surveillance and erasure. This work has allowed me to address particular social, political, and historical questions while exploring the qualities and techniques of theater as a medium. I am also deeply committed to my practice as a performer and collaborate with many leading New York City directors and choreographers. Because of this, I make new theater and dance from the perspective of a performer for whom the immediacy and rigor of performance is paramount.

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