Taro Hattori


Support for "Rolling Counterpoint", a mobile teahouse that provides a platform for discussions around inequities within local communities.


A personal goal of my art practice is to define myself from what discomforts myself and integrate it with my pleasure. In both installation and social practice works, I focus on the sense of conflict which is essential to achieve well balanced integration within an individual or communally within a society. I believe higher wellbeing of society and individuals can be achieved only by integrating conflicts into the process of development. For example, I focused on those who constitute an essential part of our society but also who are considered as outcasts in “Exinclusivity.” The project addressed how a certain labor condition continued to be unethical with a double-standard which included laborers for supporting our economy and, at the same time, excluded them from our everyday life. That is failure of integration excluding dissonances while exploiting them. My practice can be considered as an effort to understand society and individuals as integration of dissonances and consonances.

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