Tassiana Willis


Artist2Artist Fellowship


A philosopher, educator, community organizer, facilitator, one of our favorite artists, and so much more. They are constantly redistributing resources, creating knowledge, pushing individuals and collectives to grow, and pulling Black, queer, non-binary, trans, gender variant, gender queer, & intersex people to the center. Queer Church Head Bishop, believer in abundance, style icon, celestial singer, and radical visionary. Tassiana wants to start a foundation and are continually dreaming up liberatory spaces and futures.

Featured Image: Portrait, courtesy of the artist.

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Tassiana Willis, #ResistanceIsBeautiful. Artistic Director: Tassiana Willis in collaboration with BANDALOOP. Full list of collaborators on YouTube.

Tassiana Willis, The Longest Mile.

New York Times, "Using Art to Tackle Diabetes in Youth," 2018.
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