Teresa Hernández




My transdisciplinary artistic practice is grounded in the body in movement, manifesting through writing, acting, space, and video. I use costumes, everyday objects, furnishings, juxtaposed in a liminal space that celebrates precariousness and defies artistic categorizations. Self-presentation has been the main platform in my 28-year career. I occupy spaces of resistance shaped by the colonial experience and rooted in personal, social and political contexts: a female household head Caribbean islander born into and trained in the trans-colonial, anemic educational and cultural experiences. The creation of female characters forms a substantial part of my site-specific oeuvre. I explore and expose the anxieties of the Puerto Rican everyday space while transversally researching gender, sexuality, class, and race. Through hyperbole and humor, I question artistic canons, national imaginaries, daily violence and the many faces of power in order to salvage micro-political personal spaces.

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