traci kato-kiriyama


Arist2Artist Fellowship


my work is grounded in and inspired by our communities, our families, my heroes, past and present, known and unknown.  i create as part of a continuum of survival, gathering, belonging, of excavation, joy, queerness, of breaking lines, walls, silence. my most fruitful work comes through the process of collaboration and longterm relationship building, where everything sprouts from a shared, multi-layered source, everything is co-founded, co-created, co-envisioned. i have learned to find how i love myself through the ways i love "other" and all of our shared, parallel, disparate, different yet interconnected paths through struggle & resistance and toward collective self-determination, care, joyous liberation and peace - these principles and guiding values are what i aspire to show through my process, practice and creative communication & connection with the world at large.

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