Troy Michie


Support for travel to El Paso towards the development of multi-disciplinary works inspired by the Zoot suit


The nature of my work employs the discourse of collage and assemblage as a framework to resolve the complexities of marginal identity. I create works that address the governance of desire using the queer body as a site of excavation. I use magazine cut-outs, found objects, and personal ephemera as tools to address the dehumanization of the black body as well as the mystery and confrontation of portraiture. My collages often become meditations towards an aspired disembodied state. It is through this lens that I use “ the cut” as a means to free the figure from a static objectification. Utilizing the foundation of poetics, the action of overlay, juxtaposition, and erasure become an integral factor in developing relations to disparate materials. I am interested in the personal history of the objects I choose which represent states of consciousness, where pasts, presents and futures conflate.

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