Victor Pacheco




I create work that is inspired by my concern for environmental and social issues. I utilize interviewing and photography with archival data as sources of information. Sculpture has become a vehicle for me to share my thoughts on current topics that are of concern. I try to use reclaimed and found materials to create sculptural forms when possible. In the Geological FormationSeries many of the forms resemble large pieces of the Earth’s crusts that has been isolated for further inspection. The foam used in these pieces was originally a large piece of foam used to float a dock. My work is also influenced by my family’s identity, the news and social issues. Many times I make work as a commentary to global issues like water use and treatment. Sometimes the material I’m working with has a direct correlation to history or an incident in the news. I like to make these connections visually present in the forms I make. The forms become an extension of my experiences and how I view the world.

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