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Curator / Consultant / Single Mom at Basha Projects

Regine Basha has worked nationally and internationally as a curator, producer, educator, residency director as well as a consultant to non-profits and to artists. She was born to Iraqi Jewish parents and has worked with this complex cultural heritage through her audio-visual archive Tuning Baghdad, in a documentary, radio show and live storytelling sessions. As a curator for over 20 years, her interest in collapsing diversified fields of knowledge and creating a third space to communicate - intergenerationally, across disciplines, and outside mainstream institutional constructs - drives her multifarious curatorial practice into wildly diverse contexts. Recently she has worked with artists such as Michael Rakowitz, Nina Katchadourian,  Ana Prvacki, Daniel Bozhkov and Yto Barrada on sited engagement projects taking place at the dinner table, across several parks, in the garden, on the radio,  throughout a corporate office, and throughout a desert town. She  co-founded Fluent~Collaborative, Austin and sits on the Advisory Board of SETI AIR (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence artist in residency), and Denniston Hill Residency, New York. Her project history lives at Currently she divides her time between Brooklyn and Madrid. Basha is a graduate of the first class of Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College, New York.