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Co-owner/co-designer of l.a.Eyeworks / Protector of the California Desert Tortoise / Champion of the Dumpy Tree Frog

Gai Gherardi is co-owner/co-designer of l.a.Eyeworks, founded in Los Angeles with Barbara McReynolds in 1979. Gherardi and McReynolds design signature collections of limited-edition eyewear that are distributed worldwide. A passionate fan of all the arts, Gherardi has served frequently on arts/design juries and lectured internationally on l.a.Eyeworks’ unique approach to design and brand development. Throughout its history, l.a.Eyeworks has engaged with artists, designers, and architects and has used its international visibility to campaign for freedom of expression. Gherardi is also a protector of the California Desert Tortoise and a champion of the Dumpy Tree Frog.